Let's spend ten seconds talking about "How I Met Your Mother"

3 May

My god, did this show ever take a nosedive. A Larry-David-leaving-“Seinfeld” nosedive in the span of just a few weeks, going from a pitch-perfect, introspective, cleverly told look at late twentysomething life to the sitcomiest sitcom in all the land.

Take this week. A plot about the married couple deciding to get twin beds? Let’s count together how many times this has happened in a sitcom, no, wait a minute, this game is over because I just named every sitcom ever.

Even worse: the main plot, about both Ted and Barney discovering at the same goddamn time that they want Robin back. Now, I understand this is just a silly TV show, but I’ll admit that I’ve always expected more from HIMYM, something resembling realism. Subtlety. Did a potentially slow-to-develop, hard-to-admit,  relationship-changing plot such as this have to be introduced and resolved in the span of one show? That is a damn near unforgivable move.

(I realize I’ve been spoiled of late because I just finished watching “Freaks & Geeks” and “The Wire,” two shows able to juggle multiple storylines over multiple episodes, but “HIMYM” once sparked the potential of someday joining the pantheon of great shows. Seeing this month-long freefall has been most alarming.)

Get better soon, HIMYM. You are the only redeeming thing about Mondays.


One Response to “Let's spend ten seconds talking about "How I Met Your Mother"”

  1. JMac May 6, 2010 at 8:42 am #

    I’ve (sadly) been disappointed in HIMYM for a long while. Try “Modern Family” on Wednesdays. Hi-larious.

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