Burger tour: Ike's

15 Apr

My friend and podcast co-host Mike and I have embarked on a Burger Tour of the Twin Cities in a quest to find the best burger in the area. Expect reviews and rankings during our journey. Our latest visit is detailed below.


The ambiance at Ike’s is straight out of the 60’s – the 60’s of “Mad Men,” not Woodstock. Dark wood paneling lines the walls and bar, the waiting staff wears old-school serving blazers, the menu is simple and classic, the lights are forever dim. Their vibe of timelessness is upheld through and through.

I got so into the spirit of the place that I slapped our waitress on the ass and got my day-buzz on before heading back to work to bitch out my subordinates about their shitty creative designs while smoking indoors. Good times. Credit goes to Ike’s.


The Ike’s burger is a no-frills 7-oz. hand-patty inside a buttery, modest bun. Your burger is cooked to your doneness preference and topped with high-grade cheese if you so choose.

The result: unpretentious excellence. The burger-to-bun ratio is spot-on. The meat is flawlessly charred, and most important, of the highest quality.

Regarding a rank, I put Ike’s just slightly above Five Guys as my current favorite. While the FG burger scores points for being saltier and more flavorful with a better density, Ike’s takes the top spot because it’s less messy and provides a more substantial offering.

Mike graded out FG’s burger as slightly ahead, but when taking into consideration the venue, we’ve got Ike’s as 1a and Five Guys as 1b for now. Close call.

Venue: A- // Burger: A-


Current ranking:

1a. Ike’s

1b. Five Guys

3. Buster’s on 28th

2 Responses to “Burger tour: Ike's”

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  2. Ike December 1, 2011 at 4:30 am #

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