Tantrums are fine; breaking equipment is not

30 Mar

It’s one thing to temporarily lose your mind and go apeshit in public. That kind of thing is always welcome in our society, mostly to give us something to watch during another insufferable workday. You want to have a meltdown, please do, and often.

But breaking the sticks of your players? Come on. Not cool. They’re in the AHL, it’s not like they’ve got the extra dough or sponsor relationships to get unlimited hockey sticks. Those things are expensive. You can see it in the players’ faces during the video. First they’re like, “Fuck yeah, Coach, GET HIM.” Then he grabs their sticks and their faces just fall.

If anything, I wish he would have taken the stick of the wiseguy on his left who is cracking up throughout the video. Seeing his face go from unrestrained glee to grim silence would have vaulted this video into Instant Classic territory.

As it is, we’ve got a coach who is close to being a “lovable lunatic,” but his blatant disrespect for other people’s property makes him just a typical hothead a-hole. Too bad.


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