Thursday swag

25 Mar

{+} Kudos to IFC for finally recognizing the “comedy snob” demographic and boldly targeting us. The proudly highbrow network has added three shows to its lineup:

1. The Onion News Network will be turning their spectacular videos into a half-hour show. I’m giving this one a 98% chance of success.

2. The creators of “The Kids in the Hall” will be developing a new eight-part comedy series.

3. They’ll be replaying “The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret,” BBC’s current show that stars David Cross.


{+} MGMT’s new album is streaming on NPR this week. I’m digging their first single “Flash Delirium,” but apparently I am in the minority on that one. And let’s be honest, it’s no “Kids.”


But then Keebler actually lays it out on the line pretty honest-style. He is like “look, if you don’t want to let me get it wet, that is fine, but just tell me what is going on, because in my relationships I definitely do get it wet for sure.” And Jenny is like “oh, no, I’m sorry if you got the wrong idea about me bro, I definitely am a slut and I bang allllll the time, it’s just that I have this stupid school for nerds, ugh, don’t you hate school? There should be a school for banging where what you learn is how much you looove to bang. But so, yeah. That’s all it is LOL.”

I’ve watched the past few episodes of Gossip Girl solely so I could understand Gabe’s recaps, but finally gave up after last week’s logic assault. Lucky for me, the recaps are just as enjoyable without tuning in. Good to know.


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