The status of our baseball savior

17 Mar

Let us now turn our attention to young Bryce Harper, the subject of an SI feature last year that deemed him baseball’s Bill Brasky, a hitting savant of the highest order. He’s nine feet tall, hits prodigious bombs despite using a Super Rope for a bat, picks off runners who aren’t even on base and also coaches both first and third base simultaneously.

Though Harper was essentially guaranteed to be the top pick in the upcoming 2010 draft even before completing his senior season, he decided to finish high school early (completing his Good Enough Degree this past winter) and enrolled at Southern Nevada University. Their season is well underway, which makes this an appropriate time to see how The Future Greatest Player Ever is faring in his freshman year.

The verdict: really, really well. He’s currently sporting a ridonkulous 1.380 OPS with 8 homers and 11 doubles in just 24 games. This from a 17-year-old, an age where the rest of us yokels spent time toeing pebbles with our used cleats in all-dirt infields during the tenth pitching change of a 14-11 contest watched by only our moms and a few homeless people who wandered over from a nearby bus stop. Safe to say this kid seems worth the hype.

It’s no wonder the locals have taken to wrenching his sweat-soaked undershirts and using the perspiration for holy water. It’s Bryce Harper’s world, people; the rest of us are just paying rent.


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