This woman truly believed you read it for the articles

16 Mar

The New York Post has reported that a woman featured as the geese-feeding inspiration of Jon Favreau’s character in the abominable film Couple’s Retreat is suing because she wasn’t aware her near-naked photo would be used in such an unsavory way. Yes, this is actually happening.

I’ll let The Awl take it from here:

Yes, it’s true! Every scantily-clad model who is photographed tugging suggestively at her bikini bottom only imagines her picture being used in the most wholesome of manners, perhaps being taped on the chalkboard of a Kindergarten to illustrate the concept of summer, or placed in the locker room of a women’s fitness center to provide inspiration. The idea that a swimsuit picture might be used as a prop for a spank session—and by a fat, elderly person at that—is almost too horrible to contemplate.

We laugh, but I’d be tempted to sue if I were associated with that movie, too.


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