Proof that brevity is the soul of wit

12 Mar

Your must-watch videos of the weekend include:

(1) Twitter: The Criterion Collection. As explained on the site, “We asked some of our friends to film their favorite tweets. We didn’t care how they did it. They could read it. They could act it. They could do it with puppets. Whatever they wanted. The only rules were it had to be a tweet written by someone else and it had to contain the entire tweet and nothing but the tweet.”

The concept, the execution…genius. Do yourself a favor and watch the entire thing. Fellow humorist wanna-bes, prepare to seethe with feelings of inadequacy.


(2) The top 20 5-second films, most of which are charming and hilarious. Once again, killer creativity.

“Last Anchor Standing” is my personal favorite, mostly because it plays off a joke first introduced on “Mr. Show” many years ago.


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