Thursday swag: leftovers

11 Mar

Apologies for the lack of content this week, friends. Fending off this impending unemployment-related panic attack has become quite the time-suck. But let’s move on. Here are a few links worth your while.

This week in Grandparent-Killing News: the Swiss government is introducing condoms made for 12- to 14-year-old kids. Which means kids born in 1998 are now having sex. We are so old.


I am required by my self-written mancrush contract to link to any interview with Dave Eggers. So, here. Mancrush status: intact.


I found myself watching “Gossip Girl” this past week (shut up) and was appalled — appalled I say! — at the ridiculousness of the show. I’ll allow Gabe to provide the gory details. It’s safe to say I’m done with “Gossip Girl.”

We have too little time left on earth to spend it watching shows like this. Instead, I shall devote my free time to re-watching Arrested Development.


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