Worth a re-read: Time's article about exercise

28 Feb

After a weekend that was spent alternating between strenuous exercise and shoveling food down my gullet with Kobayashi-esque enthusiasm, I was reminded of one of my favorite articles of 2009, Time Magazine’s “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin.”

While the premise is at first blush risky and counterintuitive, the report offers some convincing evidence, including the idea that exercise makes you likely to eat more (duh), and that you’re more likely to reward yourself with junk food (duh part deux), therefore neutralizing the total caloric count. A sad-but-probably-true excerpt:

A standard 20-oz. bottle of Gatorade contains 130 calories. If you’re hot and thirsty after a 20-minute run in summer heat, it’s easy to guzzle that bottle in 20 seconds, in which case the caloric expenditure and the caloric intake are probably a wash. From a weight-loss perspective, you would have been better off sitting on the sofa knitting.

The entire article is highly recommended. Please enjoy while I try to think of an activity to replace my regular Sunday tradition of wolfing down Sugar Babies whilst spinning on my Hula Chair.


One Response to “Worth a re-read: Time's article about exercise”

  1. A.B. February 28, 2010 at 10:00 pm #

    Finally, vindication.

    I’m too lazy to work out, but now at least I know it wouldn’t do me any good. Um, in terms of being thin. Viva la lunch lady arms!

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