For the three of you who haven't heard…

23 Feb

Mr. Posnanski has all the sublime details on the story of the Royals mascot, an errant hot dog and a detached retina:

The suit was filed in Jackson County Circuit Court … Coomer says that Sluggerrr — three Rs — was shooting hot dogs out of his hot dog gun like he does every game. And then, as he often does, he put the gun down and started just firing hot dogs into the crowd. Sluggerrr the lion apparently was trying to throw a hot dog behind his back when — according to the lawsuit — he lost control of it and instead it flipping it into the crowd, he rifled it right into Coomer’s face, specifically his left eye. Coomer says this caused a detached retina, and he has twice had surgery, and his eyesight is still not back to normal.

The defense’s argument is that the plaintiff likely scratched his eye out on his own accord, as is common among Royals fans.

/Sad trombone


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