That must have felt so good

2 Feb

How many times did you just watch that? I’m guessing three. Same here.

This coach has deservedly been called a prick by pretty much everyone on the internet today, so let’s just skip ahead and talk about … how cathartic it must have been to throw that ball.

Have you played volleyball lately? I’m in two leagues, and every single time I play, I find myself holding the ball after a frustrating sequence and briefly fantasizing about chucking it as hard as I can at someone. (Relax, teammates, I’m talking about opponents.) Just because I understand restraint doesn’t mean I can’t kinda-sorta empathize with this guy.

I mean, let’s be real, this was a pretty harmless meltdown. Volleyballs are soft and light, and are essentially incapable of hurting someone. Johan Santana could whip one into the face of a preemie from point-blank range and it might not even leave a mark.


One Response to “That must have felt so good”

  1. b February 3, 2010 at 10:08 am #

    The biggest surprise to me is that the video is only 38 seconds long. I am not trying to be an internet tough guy but if a coach threw a volleyball as hard as he could at one of my daughters I would go batshit. Where was the girl’s father? I don’t care how soft a voleyball is and I don’t care if it hurt or not. In the video you would see the coach throw the ball and then you would see this out-of-shape balding guy run down from the bleachers and blindside the fuck out of the coach. The tussle would continue until the coach was dead or the National Guard arrived or I ran out of breath (likely the latter).

    That said, I bet that felt great. High school coaches of girls should be sainted. It cannot be easy dealing with all of their baloney.

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