Idea: plug-in bathroom radio

31 Jan

(Longtime readers will know I’ve publicized numerous ideas throughout the years. The following is one of my favorites.)

Here’s the thing: everyone loves the idea of having a radio in their bathroom, yet very few people actually do. We can agree on that much, yes?

My guess is it’s because most bathroom/shower radios are clunky, poorly made and take up valuable counter space. So here’s a new million-dollar idea for you entrepreneurial souls out there: a radio that plugs directly into a wall.

This new gotta-have-it would be similar in size and shape as a Glade plug-in. Super-simple design, with just a few buttons for tuning, a display, tiny-yet-capable speakers and iPod compatibility. No cords, no need to balance it on your crowded countertop, no worries over accidentally knocking it into the sink.

Genius, right? Do you know anyone who wouldn’t want one? No way. Someone will invent this soon, and that person will be a multimillionaire. You just wait.

It’s times like these I wish I had the energy, wherewithal and cash to make a prototype. Ah well.


One Response to “Idea: plug-in bathroom radio”

  1. Numero 6 February 5, 2010 at 11:45 am #

    Too bad the colors are horrible:

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