Friday swag

15 Jan

{+} For the three of you who haven’t already read it, here is the GQ story about Marvin Harrison’s “alleged” attempted murder of a drug dealer outside his car wash.

{+} The Vulture blog polled something like 120 top film critics to come up with their list of the worst 10 movies of 2009. Besides Up in the Air, semi-shockingly tied for #10 on the list, I have seen none of these films and assuredly never will. You hear that, wife? Old Dogs is NOT allowed in this household. Cry all you want about it.

{+} Geek-read: a concept video about the potential future of digital magazines.

{+} The fact that the rumors of John Edwards’ “sex-and-booze” bender are coming from the National Enquirer should be enough to land this story in “I don’t believe it for a second” territory. But the real reason this story makes no sense is that…well…I don’t need to necessarily get into it, but I don’t think any bender involving mammoth amounts of booze would end with any sex whatsoever.

Now, a “sex-and-weed” bender, sure. “Booze-and-drive-thru” bender, “booze-and-dry-hump” bender, “booze-and-inability-to-unclasp-bra” bender: yes, yes and yes. But booze and sex? Unless Edwards is super-human, my guess is this isn’t humanly possible.


2 Responses to “Friday swag”

  1. Scott January 17, 2010 at 10:32 pm #

    Remember that the Enquirer broke the story about Edwards’ affair and the mainstream media ignored it for a long time.

  2. B. January 18, 2010 at 10:36 am #

    I know, but one example of legit reporting is not enough to get the “Bigfoot spotted embracing the Loch Ness monster” story-stink off ’em.

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