Wednesday swag

16 Dec

{+} Hot tip for the Facebook-obsessed from the Fast Company blog (worth a read for you business-inclined folk): Three Ways to Keep Yourself Private on the New Facebook.

I for one am so relieved that my photos have been made private. Photos that include me blacked out with a swastika drawn on my forehead, injecting meth, jokingly spooning with a passed-out homeless guy, posing next to the skeleton of Jimmy Hoffa, stealing a Salvation Army bucket, my Klan profile photo, smiling next to a fishbowl filled with keys at last year’s New Year’s Eve party, and, worst of all, me in bed with Tiger Woods. Something tells me at least one of those photos would have come back to haunt me.


{+} Wow, the allegedly exclusive Skull & Bones club looks exactly like my college experience. I wonder if perhaps I was in the S&B and didn’t even know it?


{+} This is worth a click: the top 10 Food Network “foodgasms” of 2009. Rachael Ray’s second photo is the best. And it appears Aaron McCargo’s foodgasm came a bit sooner than he had planned. That look is of shame and disgust, not pleasure. Which is sad, but, we’ve all been there. I remember prematurely foodjaculating last year in the midst of a particularly scrumptious casserole prepared by my wife. I couldn’t look her in the eye for weeks.


{+} As I mentioned on Twitter, I agree wholeheartedly with this review of Paul F. Tompkins’ new comedy album, Freakwharf. Tompkins doesn’t get a ton of love, but he’s one of the best out there.


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