I miss the good ol’ days when being wrong was OK

18 Nov

From Bill Simmons’s interview on the AV Club:

Baseball is an individual sport that we can measure almost to a fault. In my opinion, it’s not even that fun to follow baseball anymore, because you’re not allowed to have any opinions. You have to look up every opinion you’re supposed to have. “Oh, is A-Rod clutch? Let me look that up. Yes, he’s hitting .356 in the clutch. So I guess that means he’s clutch.” What’s fun about it? It’s like algebra.

I had an 800-word rant written up in response to this epically idiotic statement, but it all boiled down to the fact that prideful ignorance is a terrible quality. Anyone who pines for the times when our lack of technology made it acceptable to make up claims out of thin air and not be called on them is a dummy of the highest order. Knowledge is a good thing, Simmons.

I have to stop here, because I can feel another rant traveling from my brain to my fingertips and I want to spare you the time.


One Response to “I miss the good ol’ days when being wrong was OK”

  1. roughkat November 18, 2009 at 12:25 pm #

    Where is this proof that “knowledge is a good thing?” Dolphins are supposed to be smart be they always get caught in fishing nets.


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