All you need to know about JaMarcus Russell

16 Nov

…Can be found here, from Joe Posnanski:

You keep hearing about this “talent” that he has — after all, he was the No. 1 pick in the draft — but best I can tell he can’t or won’t run, he has no feel in the pocket, he has no idea what an open receiver looks like and he has absolutely no idea where his passes are going. I’m just not sure what his talent is supposed to be. Maybe gin rummy. Yes, he’s big and he has a strong arm. Big deal. That’s not talent, not for an NFL quarterback. To me, that’s like saying someone has talent for playing the piano because they have long fingers and like music.

Hallefrakkinlujah. I’ve seen more of Russell than I’d like to admit (in other words: more than one play), and this sums it up perfectly.

And this marks the first and last time the Raiders QB will be mentioned on this blog. Hooray.


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