Two fun decade-recap features from Newsweek

12 Nov

The first is their “10 Worst Predictions” of the decade. And they weren’t exaggerating: a guy who claimed the iPod would fail, Bill Gates doubting Google, and Mr. Cheney’s tragically incorrect forecast about the Iraq War. Some hilarious stuff! (Except that last one.)

The second is this seven-minute video reviewing all that happened over the Aughts. Even after viewing, I still have no idea how this decade will be remembered. Most think of the technological advances, but I can’t see that slowing down anytime soon. That’s like remembering the 20s for the burgeoning presence of automobiles.

I think, if anything, it will be recalled as the decade we lost shared pop culture experiences for good. Think of past generations: no internet, no independent record labels, a dozen TV channels or less, etc. Many people watched the same shows, listened to the same music, read the same magazines, what have you. Not anymore.

Never before have consumers had so many entertainment options. This is a good thing, but the sharing of these experiences seems lost, forever. Chances are you have no idea who the top-10 selling artists/bands were this year. My guess is you either don’t watch or have never even heard of most of the 1o highest rated TV shows. Do you even listen to local radio anymore? Maybe, but many others do not. I’m a web addict, and chances are I’ve never visited your favorite websites. Again, I think this is a good thing … and it makes the rare occasions of learning you do have a shared experience that much greater … but, still, a big part of our shared culture was lost along the way. (This can also be summed up by saying: there will never be another “Stairway to Heaven.”)

I don’t know where I was originally headed with this, and I’m even less sure where I ended up. So I’ll do us all a favor and stop. Here is the video:


One Response to “Two fun decade-recap features from Newsweek”

  1. Gates November 12, 2009 at 4:18 pm #

    If there is another “Stairway..” can it be shorter than the video?

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