Friday swag

22 Oct

Please enjoy this fresh-squeezed glass of link juice while I spend the weekend wondering where in the hell I misplaced my funny bone. (I haven’t made a worthy joke in like five days. This is bad, guys. Pray for me.)

{+} Good news for fellow fans of reruns: IFC has picked up the rights for “Arrested Development.” Hooray for more showings of under-appreciated genius. It starts October 25th; set your DV-Rs accordingly.


{+} Your weekly rage fodder: “Wall Street on Track to Award Record Pay.” I have nothing to add here, but just know I’ll be writing the rest of this post with one hand while the other shakes an angry fist toward the sky.


{+} Some great, great content this week for fellow football-loving numbers geeks: an editor at Wired proves once again that punting is generally a silly idea.

And, for this week’s best story: Chuck Klosterman tries to explain why both liberals and conservatives love football, typically in different ways. He basically spends 5,000 words exploring what I’ve usually summed up in six: “Love the sport, hate the fans.” Really, really good.


{+} And lastly, I’m not sure any of you pay attention to the “recent comments” feed on the right sidebar, but for some reason, the comments section in my “People I hate: busy road cyclists” story (one of my favorites ever) has been blowing up of late. Which once again proves my theory: cyclists have no sense of humor.

Though, apparently, neither do I. Seriously, pray for me.


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