Friday swag

16 Oct

{+} I’m just going to paste the first three paragraphs of this article about gun shows (the real kind, not the lame joke you make every time you take your shirt off, you flabby goon):

Stephanie Rhodes heard about New York City’s undercover investigation of gun shows, including some in Tennessee, and wants Mayor Michael Bloomberg to know how she feels.

“He needs to keep his business in New York and let Tennessee deal with Tennessee,” said Rhodes, a Smithville resident who attended a gun show on Sunday in Franklin.

Rhodes and her friend Rick Foster, who purchased a rifle at the show, said they’ve been going to gun shows for years and believe most dealers conduct background checks, or at least ask if someone is a felon before selling him or her a gun.

Man, that is beautiful. You might want to go ahead and read it again, just for kicks.

OK, two thoughts:

1. I love the idea of someone responding to criticism about illegal activities by essentially saying, “mind your own business!” Not. Relevant.

2. They ASK if someone is a felon before SELLING THEM A GUN? My head just lifted off my body and did a complete 360, then when it settled back on my neck, steam blew out of my ears and my eyeballs popped out of my head cartoon-style. “Say…you’re not a felon, are you?” “Ummmmm. No?” “Works for me, here’s your uzi.” Where did these idiots get their background check training from, the liquor store worker in Dazed and Confused?


{+} Geek humor: “Our Marketing Plan” from the New Yorker. What a delightful romp about modernity! (Seriously, I really enjoyed it.)


{+} On the cover of  this week’s “Well, No Shit” magazine: beer pong helps spread the flu. Well, no shit.


{+} Speaking of the flu, the best – or, most interesting – thing I’ve read in the past couple weeks is blogger Lindsay Robertson’s essay about her bout with swine flu. For those too lazy to click, you can expect the regular flu with the added bonus of a sore throat so bad you will be prescribed Vicodin. Might as well call your dealer now to proactively stock up. I know I have.


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