Tuesday swag

13 Oct

{+} Well, this is just all kinds of shocking: apparently spending two hours inside a windowless “sweat dome” in Sedona, AZ is bad for your health. Since two people died I’m going to refrain from poking fun, but, wow, no one saw this one coming?


{+} I issued myself a cease-and-desist from reading political news a few weeks back for fear of my own sanity, but I was tickled pink to read the news that a bipartisan committee estimated the current health care reform bill would pay for itself in 10 years. Encouraging news like that can be celebrated by people from both sides of the political aisle, right? (Dodges rocks thrown by right-wingers.) Yeah, never mind.


{+} Fans of Frightened Rabbit (I hope that is all of you) can listen to two new tracks streaming on the band’s website (right sidebar). They both sound like typical FR fare, which I of course mean to be a high compliment.


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