"The Office": I am the turd in the punch bowl

11 Oct

After wincing through Thursday’s hour-long episode of “The Office,” I expected the next-day recaps to be mostly negative in nature.

As usual, I was wrong. Sepinwall, the AV Club, Vulture and Best Week Ever all liked it, as did the vast majority of their commenters. Which means I am alone on this island of disillusion.

This is probably more my fault than the show’s. I’m becoming more and more of a comedy snob (can’t help it), which means that big, silly humor just isn’t my thing anymore.

That is doubly true when watching a faux-documentary about the soul-crushing boredom of Cubeville USA, which is ostensibly the exact opposite of a show that should feature said big, silly humor. But alas, each week the slapstick level reaches new heights. I mean, for chrissakes, people, Kevin wore Kleenex dispensers on his feet! To a wedding! Dwight kicked a girl in the face! Andy punctured his scrotum! No thank you.

“The Office” used to decently mimic the real world, but these days it’s living on a different planet of absurdity. The laughs are still plentiful, but the fact that they’re un-tethered to reality kinda bums me out.

(And before you say anything: yes, I know, The Office” is just a sitcom and doesn’t need to be critiqued on a different plane from the rest of network offerings. I’ll try to ease up, but dammit if this snobbery isn’t tough to shake. You keep on loving “The Office,” and I’ll mind my own business. Deal?)


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