I watched "Glee" for 17 minutes tonight

17 Sep

Aaaaaaaand that was more than enough. Done with “Glee.” So clichéd, so boring, so corny, so strikingly unfunny. Which I suppose isn’t surprising considering the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, is also responsible for “Nip/Tuck,” which as I’ve made clear is in my opinion the worst show in the history of television. Alan Sepinwall, the best TV critic in all the land, hit the nail on the head by labeling Murphy’s work as “shock value tactics and sledgehammer satire.” Impossible to say it better than that.

Speaking of Sepinwall, he’s given a very positive review to “Community.” If you’re looking for a new show this fall, trust Sepinwall and turn your attention to that. I know I will.


One Response to “I watched "Glee" for 17 minutes tonight”

  1. AZGopherGirl September 21, 2009 at 4:48 pm #

    I’m sure this won’t shock you, but I like Glee. Then again, I am a girl.

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