This is neither here nor there

16 Sep

So I was at the ol’ JCC this evening, giving my quads and calves a good thrashing on the elliptical machine while grudgingly watching some idiotic program on CNN. During one of their “let’s take a break from all the histrionic garment-rending for some lighter news” segments, they showed the video of the dad who caught a foul ball and gave it to his young daughter, who immediately threw it back. Pretty funny. But the real enjoyment of this segment came a few seconds after the video ended, when CNN showed a few reader comments from their site. One of those comments was ….drum roll…”I wanna meet that dad!”

Now, that phrase was probably lost on most of you, but for someone like me, who has watched this clip approximately a thousand times, well, it made my day. Totally on cloud nine right now.

In fact, what the hell, let’s show it again.

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