Oh, that's right. He's just an entertainer.

3 Sep

“Everybody forgets this now, but you guys actually had a decent thing going in January before Al Jefferson got hurt. I thought you had some talent … The players had really responded to McHale, Randy Foye was playing great, you had Corey Brewer coming back this year, you had a lottery pick coming. I don’t understand why this thing had to be blown up.”

“If you go back and read the articles from January, there was like a ten-day stretch where everybody was writing about ‘Here comes Minnesota. They’re really responding to McHale.’”

– Bill Simmons on KFAN, 9/2/09

It’s nice to know without a shadow of a doubt that Simmons has no idea what he is talking about.

Which is totally fine, by the way, because I talk out of my ass constantly. No hard feelings, Bill. Just good to know. I had mistaken you yesterday for a guy with in-depth knowledge about the Timberwolves, but never mind. Basing your opinions on the future of an organization by reading a few articles from people half-watching the games during one month is silly and ridiculous. To say with a straight face that the Wolves ‘had something going’ last season is, frankly, laughable.

Thus, I am laughing. Ha. Laughs. Good times.


One Response to “Oh, that's right. He's just an entertainer.”

  1. lattewarrior September 3, 2009 at 12:03 pm #

    Yes, of all the bad takes Simmons made during the PA interview, “Minnesota was the hot young team before the Jefferson injury,” was far and away the worst.

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