Friday swag

21 Aug

HEALTH CARE: I’m not going to touch this issue — at least not until my rage dissipates — but this bit of news I think can be considered positive by most: U.S. grants $1.2 billion for electronic health records. Seems a small price to pay to eliminate the annoyance of having to report my allergies (penicillin, heroin) to pretty much every damn person I meet. ‘Bout damn time.


CRIME: A Florida man has admitted to threatening to kill Barack Obama via his local Army recruiting office. He faces up to five years in jail, at which point I’m guessing he’ll be twice as enraged at Obama’s reelection and will try to finish the task then. Great. I wish the government would have taken my idea seriously to enact a “stupidity law” that doubles any criminal sentence if the crime showed an extreme amount of idiocy. You’ll regret ignoring me.


BASEBALL GEEKINESS: Ladies and gentleman, professional geek Brian Bannister. This is the reason he is the favorite player of every baseball blogger.


GEEKINESS, PT 2: Founding father of sabermetrics Bill James has written an outstanding article on steroids and their effect on future Hall of Fame voting. I encourage you to take a look.


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