Same old boring politics as usual (read at your own risk)

9 Aug

See, this is the shit that bothers me about politics. (For those uninterested in click-throughs, that link goes to an ad from the DNC in response to the recent town hall dust-ups, claiming that the disruptors are untrustworthy folks whose policies over the past eight years are what got us into this mess.)

The Democrats have been faced with the challenge of convincing the general public that these people angrily voicing their opposition to health care reform at town hall meetings around the country are misinformed and incorrect. That doesn’t seem like such a tough assignment, considering those in favor of reform have boatloads of data that show the ineffectiveness of the current system, right?

Seems to me that the easiest solution with this potential ad is to reiterate the fact that we spend a ton of money on health care for substandard coverage, and that if we don’t make changes soon, expenses will continue to rise X amount per year (can’t recall the exact percentage but I’m pretty sure it’s 8 or 9%; an almost astronomical number when you think about it) and we will continue to hemorrhage taxpayer dollars.

Which would in theory get the point across that, you fiscal conservatives should be more horrified than anyone about these rising costs and inefficient expenses, and should therefore be in absolute favor of finding a solution. Now, we can engage in a debate about what that solution might look like and how many dollars and resources we should devote to it, but a principle argument against a reform is straight-up proof that you have your head positioned directly up your ass. You are an idiot.

Furthermore, when you pipe up at your town hall meetings and scream bloody murder in opposition to the pretty obviously basic belief that our health insurance should be affordable and easily accessible, well, you sound like a complete fucking lunatic, and if you want to continue this misplaced anger-fest, you will be ignored by the masses and your message will be uproariously laughed at. End of advertisement.

Right? Shouldn’t that be the goal of the ad? I don’t have a concrete idea on exactly how to get that message across, but it sounds relatively simple. Showing facts to the opposition seems far superior than this stupid ad blabbing on about the same old “8 years of failed policies” bullshit. Let’s stop talking about the past and start working on a solution.

Examples like this, ones that consist of nothing more than people screaming at each other about irrelevant ideological philosophies, is exactly why most people hate politics.

OK, rant over. Thanks for listening.


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