Delusional columnists, pt. 6,294

29 Jul

Behold, the dumbest sports-related statement you will hear all month (I had to qualify with sports due to the ongoing insanity regarding Obama’s birthplace and Jacko freakout sessions).

In response to the unfortunate and overblown Erin Andrews peephole sitchyation, columnist Bonnie Erbe responded to posit:

“I wish women would stop propping up men’s sports. If women didn’t attend NFL games or NBA games, or even watch them on TV to help drive up ratings, they would be doing more to stop men from behaving badly than they could ever do otherwise. If they encouraged their sons to play sports instead of paying to watch other people play baseball or football or basketball or soccer, they would be sending the message that athleticism is good, but pro sports culture is bad. And it is, nothing but bad.”

Feel free to read that again before we break it down. I really want you to soak in the lunacy. Revel in it.

OK, now for the analysis … correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems as if Erbe is claiming men gain more respect for women simply by hanging out with the guys? And a group of fellas is less likely to objectify women if they’re not around? I’ll pause here to let both genders think back to how reverential you were to the opposite sex during your latest girls/guys night out. My guess is not much. Which is expected. Obviously.

The second argument – really the crème de la crème of psychotic hypotheticals – is that men only become misogynists if they watch sports rather than play them. Athletes treat women as their equals; couch potatoes are dicks. While I could offer almost every single college hockey and football player I’ve met as exhibits against this putrid argument, my guess is it won’t change her mind. Crazy like this doesn’t recognize rationale.

As is obvious, this writer is wrong to an almost delusional level, and both she and whoever approved this idiocy to go to print should probably be black-listed from the industry forevermore.

Or, since this reads like an SNL skit, perhaps simply be transferred to the funny pages.


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