Thursday swag

16 Jul

THIS WEEK’S REMINDER THAT I AM AN IDIOT: I didn’t know “quadrillion” was an actual term until I read this story of a guy being *slightly* overcharged at dinner. I previously thought it was a real-sounding-but-fake term like “kajillion” or “bazillion” or “google.”


EXCESSIVE LOVE: Have you ever loved something so much that you begin to take personal offense to those who don’t agree with your opinion? Like, you think the Flaming Lips’ “The Soft Bulletin” is such a note-perfect, orgasm-inducing masterpiece that you can easily envision punching someone in the nose if they claimed to not like it, even though no such human exists?

Of course you know that feeling. It’s perfectly natural. We’ve all been there. But have you ever gone so far as to create a gang and implement beatdowns on others simply to control the scene of your chosen music, which rather hilariously (since pretty much everyone else on earth hates it) happens to be punk rock? If not, then you apparently don’t love your chosen art as much as this guy. You are a mere amateur.


ANOTHER BORING VIDEO OF JACKO BEING SWARMED BY FANS: Oh, wait, those aren’t fans. Those are production crew members, and they’re swarming him because his HAIR IS ON FIRE. And also, it’s 1984. Still, interesting to finally see after all these years.


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