Entertainment awards are stupid, unless I agree with them

16 Jul

The Emmy nominations were announced earlier today, giving me the opportunity to both laugh off the awards show as LCD-pandering nonsense when they select something I hate while simultaneously jumping for joy when they recognize a previously overlooked gem.

This is what I do with all award shows. It makes no sense whatsoever, I admit, but that’s how I function. Take last year’s Oscars, for instance. I cartwheeled down the hallway at work when I heard Mickey Rourke got nominated for Best Actor, but simply shrugged and waved off the Academy as hopeless morons when Sean Penn took home the award.

Allowing that, I’ll sum up my feelings when reading the Emmy nominations list.

Mad Men for Best Drama Series and about 30 other nominations: One of the best shows is getting its due. Let’s hope this helps to spread the word about the awesomeness that is Mad Men. Fantastic (if not altogether shocking) news.

Family Guy for Best Comedy Series: You have got to be kidding. An unfunny, uncreative show created for people who think The Simpsons is too deep. Hate this show and hate the Academy.

How I Met Your Mother for Best Comedy Series: Whooooooo! Couldn’t be more proud. Cyber high-fives for all my fellow HIMYM addicts for sticking with the show all these years. I will drink myself into a celebratory stupor if it somehow wins.

Sally Field for Lead Actress, Drama: This stupid Academy obviously selected her by reputation rather than watching her terrible over-acting in one of the most over-dramatic shows on TV (and that’s saying something). An indefensible selection.

Sarah Silverman for Lead Actress, Comedy: Great news, except…isn’t she playing herself? In a show purposely campy and unrealistic and requiring no ‘acting’ whatsoever? Color me confused. Seems to be another selection aimed at pandering to the young folk.

Neil Patrick Harris for Supporting Actor, Comedy: His brilliant take as Barney Stinson deserves international acclaim! Great work by the Emmy voters for realizing his genius yet again.

Project Runway for Reality Competition Show: the Academy is clueless and will never get it. I’ve always hated this fucking awards show and refuse to watch.


One Response to “Entertainment awards are stupid, unless I agree with them”

  1. Dave MN July 17, 2009 at 9:18 am #

    Well that was certainly a rollercoaster. Excuse me while I go empathetically pop some Abilify.

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