Tuesday swag

7 Jul

FRED DURST SPEAKS THE TRUTH: Just kidding. He’s completely insane. The quote to make your day:

“I did not vote. It’s a phobia I have, there’s something psychological about it. I know it’s not responsible, but I’ve voted for lots of things besides the President – lots of things that have changed children’s lives and the planet’s life. I just haven’t voted for a President because I still believe we haven’t found one.”


MOTHER OF THE YEAR: I imagine it has to suck pretty bad when your boyfriend brings his python over to your place, and it crawls out of its cage at night and strangles your two-year-old daughter to death. Horrifying. It’s times like these I think we should out-PETA PETA and hold ridiculous protests in an effort to kill all the pythons in the world. I would support that cause.


WOLVES TALK: Your weekly links about the suddenly relevant hometown ballers: Canis Hoopus readers explain why Curry might’ve been a worse fit with Rubio (which was news to me), and the same site covers the forgotten man, Wayne Ellington.


IMAGERY: The Big Picture, boston.com’s award-winning photography site, has a sweet set of pictures up about the recent Honduran coup d’etat. Check it.


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