Bert Blyleven's dad sounded awesome

22 Jun

A tale from Bert Blyleven during Sunday’s baseball game, while he and Dick were discussing their favorite memories of their dads in honor of Father’s Day:

“My fondest memory of my dad is during my high school baseball games. If we lost, of course it was the umpire’s fault.”

[Laughter from Dick. This seems like an innocent tale of fatherly support, right?]

“And he would chase the umpire to his car.”

[“Really?” says a slightly shocked Bremer.]

“Many times, games were suspended. Until my dad had to leave school grounds, we could not continue to play.”

[Dick is now completely silent, abandoning his play-by-play duties as Miguel Tejada fouls off ball after ball, and is presumably weeping silently in the press box.]

“And then what he would do is he would go into the backyard of the house near our field on school grounds, and then he’d yell from there! I love that man.”


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