More in ‘Adventures in Well-Off Americans Who Think They Are Poor’

18 Jun

apparently homeless fat ladyA head-scratcher of an article on today: “Lean times mean tighter pants for stress eaters.”

Can someone please parse this for me? The story as I read it is that a few women claim to deal with these tight financial times by … stuffing their faces with candy? Which means the reader is supposed to think that it’s natural for some people to actually gain weight due to stressing over money? I’m no expert on being poor, but I’m almost positive it doesn’t involve Swedish fish.

This is like the hundredth article I’ve read recently that demonstrates that even during this supposed terrible recession, Americans (thankfully) are still by and large A-OK. This is officially, and somewhat hilariously, the weeniest economic struggle of all time.

“Yeah, times are tough money-wise. The way I handle having no money is by spending all my no money on M&Ms and circus peanuts and shit, just blow it all on candy on account of me being unemployed and having no money. Also, I’m a really smart human being and you should totally profile me for your stupid website, MSNBC. It’s right up your alley of dim-witted non-news.”


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