Tuesday swag

9 Jun

{+} I don’t know if any of you care, but it looks like Amy Winehouse might die soon. She has been discovered stumbling around St Lucia like a…well, a shameless boozehound.

I have been tasked with selecting the location of my upcoming honeymoon (or perhaps my bride is just humoring me), and while St Lucia was on the initial list of locales, I am still undecided whether the potential opportunity to pour liquor down the throat of an equilibrium-challenged pop star would be worth the extra expense. That’s a real conundrum. 


{+} Rejoice! John Moe has penned another of his Pop-Song Correspondences on McSweeneys. One of my very favorite features in all the interwebs, no exaggeration. See more here


{+} Favorite learning of the week: Twitter isn’t as popular as you think.

– 99 percent use social networking sites

– 15 percent have an account with Twitter

– 34 percent have never even heard of Twitter

– 58 percent of the students who have Twitter accounts never use it or rarely log-on

In addition, recent figures from comScore show that although Twitter traffic has exploded over the past year, as of February 2009, only 10.6 percent of Twitter users in the U.S. were between 18 and 24 years old.

A Nielsen NetView report (also for February 2009) found that Twitter users, ages 2 – 17, only comprised 3.6 percent of the site’s audience. In contrast, users ages 35 – 49 comprised 41.7 percent.

Twitter is for old people! This makes me happy. God knows why. 


{+} DJ Gallo and I agree: the Pirates will be good, and its fans are crazy. Still my second favorite team. 


{+} Amazingly, Bill Simmons and I also agree, this time about his points regarding Sunday night’s game 2 of the NBA finals. They are thus:

Kobe draws a touch foul on Mickael Pietrus, gets the call and makes that creepy, super-intense underbite face that nobody ever remembers seeing until about three weeks ago. We don’t know where it came from; we don’t know how many different faces he practiced in the mirror before settling on this one; we don’t know if he pays royalties to Bruce Springsteen. We just know that he really wants this. He really, really wants this.

Of all the contrived antics from Kobe over the years, this childish, ridiculous “game face” has to be at the top of the list. Also, anyone in the media who points out this new Kobe face as anything but stupid silliness should be fired immediately. There. I said it. 


Fascinating last play — Orlando defends Kobe with its slowest defender (Turkoglu), gambling that his length will bother Kobe’s jumpshot, and if Kobe drives, Hedo’s teammates will jump in to help and Kobe will shoot, anyway. So what happens? Kobe beats Hedo off the dribble, Redick, Lewis and Howard all collapse on Kobe, Kobe ignores Odom (wide-open, left corner), Ariza (wide-open, top of key) and Fisher (wide-open, right corner) and shoots with two seconds left, anyway … and Hedo blocks him from behind. Sorry, that’s just a terrible offensive play. I would hope even the Lakers fans would admit that.

Important note: Kobe’s reputation as a “killer” at the end of games remains overblown. The site http://www.82games.com just posted a study of game-winning shots from the last five-plus seasons (regular seasons and playoffs since the 2003-04 season) that revealed Kobe was shooting 14-for-56 (25 percent) with one assist and five turnovers, and made 12 of 15 free throws. So let’s say that was 70 possessions total, including Sunday night. … He only had one assist in nearly six years??? That’s why Orlando quadruple-teamed him in that spot. Kobe is a phenomenal streak shooter, and he has a real talent for catching fire with a lead and closing games out … but you can stop him in one-shot situations simply because he’s his own worst enemy. He wants to be a hero, he’s shooting it, and that’s that.

0:00.6: Funniest moment of the game: Kobe storms back to the bench, whacks the chair in disgust and sits down as Phil Jackson (already sitting) looks at him with a bemused, “Should I point out to him that MJ absolutely would have passed there?” smile on his face. Classic.

Couldn’t agree more. Man oh man, did I love that segment.


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