Twins pitchers update #2

3 Jun

Below is an update on the Twins pitchers’ “OPS Against” on the year. I’ve stated my case before that OPS Against is the best measurement of a pitcher’s effectiveness and best indicator of future performance. I’ll shut up now and show you the stats (updated through 6/1).

Matt Guerrier — .569

Joe Nathan — .582

Jose Mijares — .604

Sean Henn — .649 

Nick Blackburn — .713

Glen Perkins — .744

R.A. Dickey — .821

Scott Baker — .821

Kevin Slowey — .825

Jesse Crain — .844

Francisco Liriano — .873

Luis Ayala – .886

Any surprises here? Not really, save for the fact that Scott Baker has been very unlucky (his WHIP is 1.27) and Kevin Slowey has been basically the exact opposite. Liriano has been terrible, which you know, and the Twins would be better off cutting Ayala and calling up pretty much anyone in AAA.

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