And darkness fell upon the Target Center

21 May

Oh, shit. This is not good. Since news broke of David Kahn being hired to head up the hometown T-Pups, I’ve been furiously reading every last site I could find to try to find someone, anyone, who saw something positive in the hire. Not surprisingly: there is no such human. This has been met with anywhere from quiet resignation to full-on rage, and unless a miracle happens and an unwanted, retread basketball exec makes a miracle happen, this is downright terrible news for the Timberwolves organization. Enter a statewide frown face emoticon here. 

My favorite take on this subject comes from Zach Harper at The money paragraph:

We’re repaid with a retread guy who spent nine years with the Pacers and hasn’t been back in the league for seven years. What has he been doing during that time? He’s been flipping D-League franchises like it was an infomercial on how to make an extra $10,000 a month from the comfort of your own home. He’s been trying to get baseball to the city of Portland. He’s been an owner and operator of D-League teams that coaches don’t want to coach for and interns avoid because he’s supposedly the biggest dick in all of basketball. He’s crippled franchises financially in order to put a few extra bucks in his pocket for a developmental league that is desperate for competent owners to help grow a minor league system for the NBA – a league that he is now running a team in. 

Ouch. The great Canis Hoopus has plenty more rage where that came from, if you’ve got the stomach. I’ve had my fill.


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