Wednesday swag

6 May

TWINS: Doing the heavy lifting for all of us, the Stick and Ball Guy blog has collected the current Twins VORP stats for positional players. No real shock, but it’s nice to see definitive proof of the awfulness of Alexi Casilla. 


SOUTH KOREAN RESEARCHERS HAVE NOTHING TO DO: So they decided to genetically create glow-in-the-dark dogs. Yes, you read that correctly. Click the link to see the photographic evidence. I am without speech. 


GET THE LITTLE FALLS POLICE DEPARTMENT SOME FASTER VEHICLES: Because last week they had to endure a high-speed (and I use that term loosely) car chase with a garbage truck for 57 miles. Yes, that’s right, 57! A part of me thinks the cops got behind the truck, said to themselves, “aw what the hell, there’s nothing else going on, let’s just follow this thing for a while before pulling it over.” 


WHY I DON’T CARE ABOUT THIS A-ROD NEWS: Two big reasons for this. (1) The author, Selena Roberts, has been shown to be a far-from-trusted source for news. (2) If this were true, wouldn’t it stand to reason that A-Rod’s statistics during these supposed blowouts would actually improve? Because they didn’t.

I’m not saying any of this means he didn’t do it, just saying I’m going to need some actual evidence before buying what she’s selling. Because I’m a grown-up. With the capacity for critical thought.


One Response to “Wednesday swag”

  1. mj May 6, 2009 at 3:08 pm #

    that dog looks like Glow Worm

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