I hate myself for this: a short post about Favre

5 May

I was really hoping we could avoid this painful subject, but since it looks more and more like a reality with each passing day, I’m going to go ahead and make public my thoughts on the impending Brett Favre signing. This is as painful for me as it is for you. I’m very sorry.

To save us all some time, I’m going to simply repost a comment I made on lattewarrior’s site justifying my reasons for being against this signing:

1. Favre was terrible last year. Seriously, go back and check. 

2. He’s a year older, which means he’ll likely be worse. 

3.  According to Football Outsiders, the Jets had the 4th best offensive line last year. Vikes: 15th (and that’s with Birk). Which means he’d experience more hurries than last season, and when he’s hurried he decides to turn a professional football game into backyard “500.” This is bad.

4. (Response to the point that his inability to play in cold weather is moot since there aren’t many outdoor games on the schedule) Wouldn’t his inability to play in cold weathers almost assuredly come back to haunt us in the playoffs?

And with that, I’ll add two more:

5. (Response to a common claim that he’ll thrive because AP’s presence means he doesn’t have to carry the offense) Isn’t that the exact same thing the Jets said last season? Go ahead and ask if any Jets fans are going to miss Favre after last year when he imploded and blew their season.

6. This juicy nugget from ESPN: “Favre has not been working out and declined to have surgery to repair the torn biceps tendon that plagued him the final month of last season.”

I don’t have to also point out he’s a total prick that has called out numerous players and front office execs throughout the years, do I? I can’t possibly see this ending well. Please go ahead and convince me otherwise, but I’ll warn you it’s going to take quite the argument to sway me.


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