Do-Gooder Hall of Fame honoree: Dikembe Mutombo

29 Apr

notinmyhouseAfter the news that finger-waving giant Dikembe Mutombo’s latest injury is going to end his career, I think it’s high time we take a look back at the remarkable humanitarian work the man has done off the court. I’ll kindly direct you to Wikipedia for most of his efforts, and relay just one: he recently donated $15 million to help fund a hospital in his native Congolese town. Read that again: $15 million. Considering that about 2 million of its residents live in poverty, the hospital has and will save countless lives. 

For his career, Mutombo has made approximately $115 million, which means this one donation (keep in mind there have been many others) accounts for over 13% of his career earnings. To top that, the $15 million is more than he has made total in the past five years

Am I making too big a deal of this? I think not. Big thanks to Dikembe Mutombo for being a damn fine human being. And also for the finger wave.


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