Tuesday swag

21 Apr

WEB: AwkwardBoners.com. Yes, that is exactly how it sounds. My favorite thus far of the promising new site: 


SMARTS: Turns out IQ probably isn’t hereditary. Huh. 

BASEBALL: Now that the season is in full swing (pun!), I’ll remind you your first Twins-related site you should be checking each morning is First Inning’s rundown of the previous night’s action. Good stuff. 

NEWFOUND SEMI-RESPECT: A memorable quote from Jay Leno’s GQ interview, in which the typically bland talk show host is revealed to be a bit of an oddball but overall a pretty solid guy:

You know, you just try to move forward, because the trouble with show business is the moments that are disappointing are so disappointing. I remember they had auditions for the new Jack Paar show. I went down to New York, and I was wearing a suit that I’d had since high school. And the producer said, “Is that what you’d wear if you had the show?” and I said, “Oh yeah, it’s my best suit.” I remember going into the alley and crying. The rejection when you’re first starting, it’s just awful. I remember being in an agent’s office and seeing my picture in the trash. I said, “So you got my picture?” “Yeah, we got it on file.” Gut-wrenching. That’s why I always try to treat comics pretty nice.

There are so many jobs that are devastatingly awful. Designed to kill your spirit. This is why I always try to keep show business at a distance, because it will kill you. Your thing will never be the best, it will never be good enough, so enjoy, observe from afar, keep the friends you had. I’m still married to the same woman. I’m still driving the same car. 

Not bad, boring late night guy. Not bad at all.


One Response to “Tuesday swag”

  1. lattewarrior April 21, 2009 at 12:30 pm #

    In Leno’s case, he’s driving the same cars. Plural. As in 130 of them.

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