Deliberate hoaxes: the initial list

16 Apr

petashirtOne of my many oft-voiced and totally pointless theories is that FX’s “Nip/Tuck” is so bad that it is actually a joke on all of us. It’s not just epically bad, it’s intentionally bad. My belief is that the show is a sociological experiment created to see just how ridiculous and how terrible a form of art can be until the public revolts. The writers keep throwing in more and more asinine plotlines — kidnappings, necrophilia, self-administered mastectomies, even an alien abduction or two — all as an elaborate hoax to find out how much awfulness the public can tolerate.

Someday, the passable ratings and general goodwill toward this embarrassment of a TV show will be revealed to us in the study’s findings when it goes public. That’s how bad I think “Nip/Tuck” is.

Earlier this week, I had to add a second item to my list of “things so bad it has to be a joke”: PETA.

Now, we’ve long understood how batshit the PETA people are, and all the dumb shit they’ve unleashed on our fairly reasonable society for years. Their continued inability to prioritize social issues or grasp the understanding that pets are not human beings…well, their insanity is universally accepted. An undeniable truth: PETA’s worst enemy is PETA.

However, with the latest bit of news from these delusional do-gooders, I am now 100% convinced that PETA exists solely as a joke. An excerpt from the article in question:

“Dear Neil and Chris,” begins the letter from Peta Europe, “You have many loyal fans of the Pet Shop Boys here at Peta. We have a request that may at first seem bizarre, but we hope that after considering the following facts, you will understand why we are asking this of you: will you please consider changing your name from the Pet Shop Boys to the Rescue Shelter Boys?

This would make a good SNL sketch if it weren’t honest-to-God true. 

Feel free to erupt in anger over the organization’s misplaced logic and overall extremism, but just be aware: someday soon, when PETA is revealed to be an elaborate prank, the joke will be on you.


One Response to “Deliberate hoaxes: the initial list”

  1. shall April 17, 2009 at 12:23 pm #

    Finally someone I can relate to on the dumb ass show…everyone I’ve ever talked to has loved it and it doesn’t make sense to me. Even though I haven’t seen it in a while it is good to know they have not lost their touch…Rescue Me on the other hand is a classic

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