Wednesday swag

14 Apr

kalpennSome quick hits while I’m in the thick of a busy week…

{+} Fantastic write-up of “How I Met Your Mother,” which includes interviews with the show’s execs and some fun trivia for us mildly obsessed fans that makes the show even more likable:


> Here’s the rundown of episodes for the final stretch of the season: Monday — a new episode (with Hannigan); April 20 — no new episode; April 27 — a new episode (without Hannigan); May 4 — a new episode (without Hannigan); May 11 — a new episode (with Hannigan); May 18 — season finale (with Hannigan).

> The episode that revolves around the gang having to guess which Canadian celebrity propositioned Robin with a bizarre sex act was actually based on a real incident that happened to a friend of the show’s writers. Having been told the story — about a real (American) celebrity with a strange collection and also a strange sex proposition — the writers spent days using a white board trying to figure out who it was, what the person collected and what the sex act was. “After not getting work done for all this time, it was like, ‘Wait, why don’t we do this?'” as an episode of the show, Thomas said.

> The reason that Lily and Marshall had a “psychic conversation” in the episode “Murtaugh” was because Hannigan had laryngitis and couldn’t talk.

> The story of Marshall’s devotion to nightshirts came from staff writer Chuck Tatham, who casually mentioned that he liked to wear them sometimes. “He had no shame about it. He was zero percent embarrassed,” Thomas said. “We made him show us the Web site where he orders them. It was just dudes in nightshirts. It was such a funny visual. And he was like, ‘Look how many testimonials there are!’ But none of them came from people under 65. We were like, ‘You’re not helping your case here.'”

> Thomas on finding the balance between sweet Ted and slightly d-baggy Ted: “We find college Ted so funny and even at 31, he is already kind of a dad. He’s telling cheesy dad jokes and it’s like he’s almost skipped ahead in life. But life tells you you don’t get to skip ahead. I think in the next few episodes, you see more of the optimist side of Ted. He’s a dreamer, like Lloyd Dobler [from ‘Say Anything’] or Jimmy Stewart. He dreams big and has big aspirations. He’s more the guy we met in the pilot — likable and sweet.”


{+} Holy moly, Dan Akroyd’s description of the new Ghostbusters movie makes it sound awful. Historically awful. 


{+} Proving without a shadow of a doubt that this administration is going to cause our racist citizens to explore life abroad, Taj from Van Wilder is now working in the White House. Yes, I’m serious. 


{+} Forward-thinking, internet-loving nerds: prepare to be mortified. Guess what percentage of newspaper reading is done online? The answer: 3 percent. Even more surprising, only 46% of this blog –an online only venture, for chrissakes — is read online. The other 54% comes from me graciously calling my friends and reading my posts to their voicemail, which they never return. This whole thing is just sad.


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