Thursday swag

9 Apr

(Since I’ve been unable to think up a solid name for these posts o’ links, I’ve decided to temporarily honor my old favorite blog (and I do mean favorite) Junkiness by lifting their “swag” title. If they learn about the filching and order a cease-and-decist, I will likely be so pleased they’ve actually noticed my site I will spontaneously combust. Fair warning.)

{+} For the last three of you who haven’t read this article and dorkily sent it to their boss in mock-excuse fashion, apparently moderate levels of web surfing at work make you more productive

{+} Some salient points from Senator Judd Gregg give us legitimate cause to wring hands regarding Obama’s spending plans. And yes, it hurt me to type that. If you notice any grammatical errors in the rest of this post, it’s because blogging through tears is not easy. 

{+} Everyone’s favorite writer Joe Posnanski interviews my hero Michael Schur. It’s quite good, but not as solid as this former interview with Schur, which increased my mancrush on him to a fever pitch.

{+} Pointless, dated shout-out of the week: forget Firefox, Google Chrome is where it’s at

{+} Fantastic recap of this week’s American Idol. Doesn’t matter if you saw it, missed it or have never seen one episode. 

{+} Baseball nerds take note of the name Stephen Strasburg, pending top pick in this summer’s draft and the Next Big Thing.


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