2009 Twins Over/Under Challenge

9 Apr

twins-logoI’ve been given a fair amount of heat these past few days for neglecting to publish my 2009 Over/Under Challenge, especially since I pimped it in ’08 as a better alternative to traditional fantasy baseball (which is exhausting). My main reason in dragging my feet this time around is that (1) I am lazy and therefore enjoy dragging my feet, and (2) I find batting average to be a mostly useless statistic, and had to take some time deciding on a suitable alternative.

I have hereby elected to nerd it up a bit by using OPS as the offensive statistic of choice, and, to appease you math-hating cavemen, have added a few fun random categories to select. These numbers were determined using fan predictions, research and common sense.

Denard Span OPS — .787
Alexi Casilla OPS — .693
Joe Mauer OPS — .868
Justin Morneau OPS — .886
Jason Kubel OPS — .812
Michael Cuddyer OPS — .771
Joe Crede OPS – .751
Delmon Young OPS — .766
Carlos Gomez OPS — .688
Nick Punto OPS — .684

Scott Baker ERA — 3.86
Francisco Liriano ERA — 3.73
Kevin Slowey ERA — 3.80
Nick Blackburn ERA — 4.28
Glen Perkins ERA — 4.76
Matt Guerrier ERA — 4.09
Craig Breslow ERA — 3.55
Jesse Crain ERA — 3.68
Luis Ayala ERA — 4.19
Joe Nathan ERA — 2.11

Denard Span walks — 76
Joe Mauer homeruns — 10
Justin Morneau homeruns — 27
Jason Kubel homeruns — 21
Delmon Young homeruns — 12
Delmon Young at-bats — 408
Joe Crede at-bats — 462
Carlos Gomez stolen bases — 36
Kevin Slowey walks allowed — 31
Francisco Liriano strikeouts — 182
Scott Baker starts — 28
Glen Perkins starts — 21
Joe Nathan saves — 37

The rules are simply to select the ‘over’ or ‘under’ in each category, either in the comments section or on your own. And if you really feel like living, you can join the moneyed competition I’ve created. Shoot me an email (brandon [at] worldofb.com) if you feel like throwing down $10 on a silly game with your internet friend B. You won’t regret it.


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