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23 Mar

I proudly classify myself as an anti-foodie – I eat to live, rather than live to eat – but a local joint I visited last weekend was so damn delectable it demands a shout-out. It’s called Black Sheep Pizza, and has received tons of love from the local press since its recent opening; so much love, in fact, that we had to wait a full 90 minutes before being seated. And somehow, though I typically couldn’t care less about food, the wait was worth it.

The tough part about showering love on top of Black Sheep is explaining why the experience was so fantastic. The wait was ridiculous and the waiting area non-existent (we drank our beers on the sidewalk outside). The menu was stark (about four appetizers and three pizza specials) and the ambiance was just so-so (cramped digs in an old building). What makes it all worthwhile is the pizza, of course, which is excellent.

And here again, I’m having trouble explaining why. It’s not distinctive in any real obvious way – not super thin or thick, no gimmicky toppings or unique ingredients. Just simple, light, perfect pizza cooked in a super-hot coal oven. Think of it as everything you wanted Punch to be, only more substantial and not at all soggy or disgusting.

I don’t know. Does that help explain why I’m singing the praises of this no-frills pizza joint? Probably not, so you might want to experience Black Sheep for yourself, which was kind of the point of this post anyway.


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