Monday reads

15 Mar

(Anyone have a suggestion on a decent title to this running feature of posting links to other, better stories? I’m at a loss. Chime in with any bright ideas.)

{+} The fascinating story of a woman with real-life Jason Bourne syndrome. She went out for a jog one day, and was found three weeks later in the New York Harbor with no recollection of what she’d been up to. Eerie.

{+} Here are a few suggestions for subjects of your next voodoo doll.

{+} A few more names to add to the “anti-knowledge, progress is bad” enemy list: Harold Reynolds, Barry Larkin and Sean Casey. Though I suppose only half the blame goes to the idiots spouting nonsense; the other half has to go to the executives that allowed them on the air in the first place. Boo, MLB Network, boo!

{+} Equal opportunity griping! Democrats aren’t exactly enthused about Obama’s pay-for-performance plan for teachers. Anti-union folks, feel free to employ a tiny fist pump in celebration.

{+} Here is a nugget I won’t soon forget:

President Obama issued a directive yesterday that all his predecessors’ signing statements — namely, those of President Bush — should be checked with the attorney general before being followed. Signing statements have been used by all presidents to declare opposition to parts of a law they were signing, but Bush expanded the practice as never before, and often in an effort to maintain or enlarge his own executive power — in essence telling Congress, “Here’s a quarter, go call someone who gives a damn about your checks and balances.” In fact, Bush challenged more provisions (about 1,200) than all other previous presidents combined.

Read that last sentence again. “Combined.” Unbefuckinglievable.


One Response to “Monday reads”

  1. RandBall's Stu March 16, 2009 at 7:35 pm #

    I would counter that Bush’s indifference to/outright disdain for laws and precedent is entirely befuckinglievable.

    However, he did give Will Ferrell the material for a tremendous Broadway show in which to mercilessly ream the incompetent halfwit just one more time, so he’s got that going for him. Seriously, it’s worth subscribing to HBO just to watch it.

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