Premature evaluations: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

4 Mar

Not bad, right? I’ll admit, I’m mildly surprised. Sure, Chuckles Fallon benefited from an A-list guest list during his debut (Bobby DeNiro, the hilarious Justin Timberlake, Van Morrison), and got to pal around with Tina Fey last night, but the format seems likable enough that I am genuinely open to giving this show a chance. Wouldn’t have said that a week ago.

I’ve been a proud Jimmy Fallon hater ever since he launched his movement to giggle his way through each skit on SNL, leaving every potential joke in his wake. That shtick was pretty much the opposite of comedy. I fully expected his show to feature more of the guy’s signature innocuous smirkiness, but it wasn’t. The “slow jammin’ the news” bit is solid, his rapport with guests is loose and personal, and, well, The Roots are there. That counts as something.

I’m not about to buy stock in this show’s long-term success, and I fully realize he isn’t breaking any new ground here, but it’s been a solid first couple shows for Fallon. Color me impressed.


One Response to “Premature evaluations: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

  1. Cool Rut March 4, 2009 at 8:51 am #

    Thanks for that. I always kinda liked Fallon but I didn’t want to have you disapprove of my tastes. I tried real hard to stay up but nodded off before U2 on Letterman.

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