Tuesday p.m. timewasters

10 Feb

{+} I understand the subject ain’t the most compelling, but this Wired story about a hacker is more or less the balls.

{+} Spot-on essay about tourists, written by a New Yorker:

If New Yorkers were visiting a small town or the suburbs, we wouldn’t drive through wheat fields at three o’clock in the morning, wouldn’t leave our trash on lawns. There must be stories about city slickers behaving badly in the country. But I think those stories are apocryphal, whereas mine—I’m looking out the window, and yes, there’s a woman in an Indiana sweatshirt tossing her Starbucks cup in the gutter—are real. And if by chance one of those urban-people-behaving-badly stories is true, I’m pretty sure those folks were from Boston.

{+} I’m a total wuss, so this story made feel terrible for the poor idiot who briefly conned a small town, but I’m guessing most of you regular folk will find this story kinda-sorta amusing. Having no exit strategy after the press conference charade…mind boggling.

{+} Decently entertaining story about Will Ferrell’s improv abilities during his Broadway run. “I’m gonna call you Sane Person.” Ha.


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