The Office brings it once again

6 Feb

Was I a little too tipsy watching TV last night, or was The Office’s “Lecture Circuit” easily the best of the season? As an admitted “The Office BBC” favorer (sweet word) I probably enjoy the subtle humor more than most, but my favorite episodes are the ones that don’t seem to be trying too hard. Reality-based humor and unforced awkwardness are the show’s strong suits, and last night’s ep had both of them in spades.

Sure, there was a bit of a wince factor during Michael’s speech, but the highlights of the episode – Dwight’s decoration skills (“It is your birthday”), Andy’s awkward yet real and almost-OK-not-at-all charm while wooing his new crush, and too many one-liners to list – far outweighed the misses.

Loved the “1, 2, 3, 4” remix, loved Dwight’s vocal trail-off while reading Kelly’s bio, loved the Pledge of Allegiance song, loved, more than anything, Dwight and Jim actually behaving like human beings (a rare thing). Again, I may have been a tad bit sauced while watching, but last night’s episode was all kinds of hilarious. It almost made up for the post-Super Bowl turd.

Good to have you back, The Office.


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