Wolves recap: enjoying the brief laughingstock respite

12 Jan

Cross-posted on Randball.

I’ve been armed with a bittersweet lack of sideshowish news to report from Saturday night’s T-Wolves 106-104 victory against the Milwaukee Bucks. After the first handful of games provided embarrassing blowout losses, abandoned concession stands, an upper deck populated by tumbleweeds and spiderwebs, and a lower deck filled with drunkstrated (drunk + frustrated; cool new word, right?) fans, this past weekend’s contest felt somewhat like a…what’s the term again…can’t quite place my finger on it oh that’s right a “professional basketball game.” Strange.

A few details for the three of you who care: the Wolves played the first quarter like sedated slugs and found themselves chasing their here-take-this-lead-no-seriously-we-insist dozen point deficit through much of the game. Down nine at the half, ten through most of the third quarter, eventually cutting it to five to kick off the final quarter, the Pups came back in crowd-pleasing fashion with some timely threes from Rodney Carney (22 on the night), dishes from Bassy and late buckets from 4th Quarter Foye to pull out the victory. We clapped and cheered and celebrated and had fun. Legitimate fun. At a Wolves game.

It was a quality win against a quality opponent, in front of a supportive crowd, in a well-played contest…and I don’t know what I’m supposed to feel about that. I’m happy the hometown ballers pulled it out, happy about the lineups the staff is trotting out, happy about Foye’s play at the 2, happy these guys are starting to look like a real live basketball team.

On the other hand, am I a little unsure how to deal with this feeling? Is part of me missing the not-so-distant sideshow days? Do I find supporting a laughingstock to be more memorable (if less fun) than a merely subpar squad? Maybe so, maybe so.

Conclusion: I am conflicted. This brief act of NBA respectability has been a welcome vacation, but when the insanity makes its way back to the Target Center, I shall be there to enjoy it all. This I promise you.


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