Endorsed by B: websites edition

11 Jan

1. Shop It To Me

Months back, I conjured a business idea I felt was rock-solid enough that I decided against publicizing it on this site. The gist is simple: a shopping search agent.

It all came about when I got my new job last year, which forces business dress attire. I started searching for the required new threads in the online sales bins, and quickly had the thought: wouldn’t it be great to have a site where I could list my favorite sites, note my sizes and the site will send the relevant sales directly to me? Genius. An initial competitive search yielded no results, and I began to explore the business venture in earnest. Why limit it to clothes? How about electronics, video games, even cars? Don’t search for deals – let the deals come to you.

While continuing to plot my sure-to-be-successful business idea, I happened across Shop it To Me, which provides the exact same service I’d been ideating on (though not nearly publicized the way it should). Game over for me. I still think this idea could be expanded and improved upon, but for now, I subscribe to SitM and bittersweetly enjoy the service it provides.

2. Mint.com

While chatting recently with a pal, I voiced yet another idea I’d been kicking around (though hadn’t had the chance yet to research): an online financial organization tool, which would allow you view all your accounts at once. He told me that one already existed, and it was worth checking out: Mint.com. So I did, and sure enough, ‘tis an outstanding resource.

Mint.com allows you to view all your financial balances – banking, investments, loans, credit cards – in the same place, giving you a one-stop source to view your full funding sitchyation. Best yet, every one of your transactions is downloaded and categorized, letting you know that this month, you have spent $450 on “Alcohol/Bars” (or wherever your personal interests may lie).

If you can bring yourself to trust the site with your financial passwords – fyi, all research has shown it to be 100% secure – Mint.com is a daily visit and an indispensible resource.

3. Ipodmeister

I heard about this service a couple months back, and I still have trouble believing it’s legit: you send in 150-300 of your old CDs to iPodMeister.com, and the company loads them on to a new iPod and sends it to you for free. That’s right: free iPod. They make up the profits by selling all your shitty Harvey Danger or Marcy Playground discs to countries that haven’t yet fallen in love with the mp3.

This is an insanely cool idea. I unfortunately can’t participate because I chucked all my jewel cases years back (I’m no packrat), but I plan on stealing CDs from my parents tout de suite. I endorse iPodmeister heartily, with a heaping helping of ‘idea envy’ on the side. You earned it, kids.


One Response to “Endorsed by B: websites edition”

  1. Eddie Buening October 23, 2009 at 12:38 pm #

    I also wholeheartedly support iPodMeister. I traded my 300+ CDs with them and got a nifty new 16GB iPod Nano (was brand new, as promised!) and got a backup set of DVDs with my music on it. And all I had to do was pack up my CDs and send it to them with labels they pay for. Definitely worth it.

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